Matthias Pfeiffer aka Pupillendriller, born in 1988, discovered his passion for visual storytelling during his teenage years, producing experimental short films and skate videos. His journey into the world of media design at Mainz laid the foundation for the development of his style. During this period, Pfeiffer honed his skills as a Directing DoP, photographer and Cutter, collaborating on music videos and live visuals with acclaimed musicians and bands such as Frittenbude, Kalipo, Aniqo, Aggregat and many others.
Through continuous growth and artistic evolution, Pfeiffer has expanded his horizons, channeling his creativity into the realms of videography and architectural photography. His commitment to crafting and exploring new visual landscapes, particularly in urban environments, underscores his status as a dynamic videographer and photographer.
Pfeiffer‘s work is characterized by a rich blend of experience and an insatiable curiosity for innovative imagery. His portfolio reflects a keen interest in creative processes, showcasing a seamless fusion of various disciplines. For Pfeiffer, the most captivating aspect lies in the interplay between diverse fields, a fascination that continues to drive his artistic endeavors.
Visual Artist
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